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Patient Reviews for The Smile Institute in Monroe, WA

Patient Reviews | The Smile Institute | Stan Tang DDS | Monroe, WA
Read patient reviews for Dr. Tang and The Smile Institute in Monroe, WA.

We think you can tell a lot about dentists in the Monroe area from their patient reviews. Dr. Stan Tang and the staff at The Smile Institute are proud that our commitment to excellence in general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry has earned so many positive reviews. See for yourself what actual patients say about their experience with Dr. Tang.

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Dr. Tang changed my dental life with his compassionate care. He showed me that he was not going to hurt me. He took the time to thoroughly explain each procedure and talked me through each and every step. Knowing that I was very anxious, he always put my feelings first and comforted me before starting any procedure. Because of Dr. Tang, I go to the dentist every 6 months and schedule procedures as necessary. It is because of Dr. Tang that I feel totally safe and secure in his as well as having my children in his care. - Jennifer F.

Your attention to detail is impeccable; you continued to adjust and perfect your work long after I was thrilled with my smile. Thank you for being my dentist, and for proving an opportunity to experience the confidence a beautiful smile brings, erasing scars not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. It has been a blessing knowing you. - Gail L.

Dr. Tang has demonstrated to me that he cares deeply about his patients, their health, and well-being. He puts his patients and their interests first, and in return, his patients trust and respect him. This trust, and Dr. Tang's excellent communication skills, enable his patients to completely understand their treatment plans and to follow through with his recommendations. This is a testament to Dr. Tang's compassion, integrity and communication skills. I also have the utmost in respect for Dr. Tang's professionalism and approach to dentistry. He is very respectful of his patients and colleagues. He approaches problems in a confident yet careful and caring manner. He is a hard worker, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure excellent care for his patients. - Thomas Neafus, DDS, MS, Endodontist

I had struggled for years being left without a tooth and was extremely self-conscious. You took a personal interest in my situation and worked very closely with my orthodontist, oral surgeon and all the different labs throughout the entire process to ensure the end results would what you exactly wanted. I am a perfectionist and so are you. The end results are absolutely amazing! My smile is beautiful and thanks to you, I have gained my confidence back and am eager to show off my beautiful smile. - Allie B.

You have given my daughter back her smile and I am so extremely grateful to you for your compassion and care given to myself and my entire family. You have always been very detailed with your work, explaining in depth the necessary treatment beyond any that my family has ever experienced. We have appreciated your promptness with assisting to every detail necessary, from the beginning to the end of each treatment. - Debbie B.

In my 60+ years of going to the dentist, I have had many different dentists and I can honestly say that Dr. Tang is the best. He has been quite thorough, gentle and friendly. If you see the before and after pictures of my lower teeth, after he took care of them like new, you will understand why I am so pleased with the job he did. I would recommend Dr. Tang to anyone, young (like my grandchildren), or old as I am. - Francis R.

Dr. Tang has been our family dentist for 11 years. He has gone out of his way to meet our large family needs by taking two hour time slots for our family dental appointments every six months so we can all be seen at the same time. He also has been there to meet our emergency dental needs and willing to be called over a holiday weekend if needed. We have thoroughly enjoyed having Dr. Tang as our dentist. - Guy & Shannon S.

I entrusted my smile to Dr. Tang when it was time to have my veneers redone. Dr. Tang took the time to explain what he was doing during the step-by-step process. He made sure, before the veneers became permanent, that I would be happy with how they would look. Once they were in place, he was certain to make sure that the fit of the veneers was as natural as my own teeth. Dr. Tang shares his knowledge in dentistry with his patients. His upbeat mood and quality work prove how much he enjoys being a dentist. - Judy S.

Stan has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. He is definitely a leader rather than a follower. In addition to his excellent scholastic accomplishments, he has proven his leadership ability by skillfully running a highly successful group dental practice for the last 14 years. Our personal friendship has grown throughout this time. I have only see the highest quality, state of the art restorations done by Stan. He is a master of cosmetic dentistry. - Bradley L. Videen, DDS, MS, Orthodontist

I reluctantly came to [Dr. Tang's] clinic when my insurance changed and I had to leave my dentist of many years. This move is one that I am grateful was forced upon me. Dr. Tang is the most professional, skilled and personable dentist I have ever worked with. He is thorough, precise, gentle and respectful. He takes the time to explain procedures, respects my opinions and thoughts, and in short, is the best dentist I have had in all my years. - Lynda B.

Your diverse knowledge, conscientious and skilled work habits gave me the reassurance that I needed to undergo the procedures that I needed and continue my road to good health. - Sandra B.

Through the years, I've appreciated Stan's interest in learning and dedication to providing the best possible care for his patients. Over the past six and one-half years, I've heard many compliments for Dr. Tang upon presenting to my oral surgery office upon referral. - Paul Vollmer, DDS, Oral Surgeon

Based on my experience, Dr. Tang is not only a very qualified and competent dentist but also is very compassionate and seems to truly care about the welfare of his patients. His manner and technique decreases the stress associated with dental visits. - Jerry B.

Years of compensating for an overbite and misaligned teeth had the muscles in my face, jaw, and neck really tight and unnatural and I had severely worn my teeth away. I found myself looking at a very serious and costly dental situation. I consulted with 2 orthodontists and 2 dentists before hearing about Dr. Tang and his training in neuromuscular dentistry. Unlike the other recommendations I received, Dr. Tang suggested that we treat the initial muscular problem that led to my predicament. Finally I was hearing something practical and logical. Thus, a series of TENS treatments began. The painless treatments relaxed the muscles in my jaw, allowing my bite to begin to return to normal. After a few treatments, I realized that my migraine headaches were no longer occurring. I also noted that after skipping my allergy meds for 2 days, I no longer needed them. The nasal/sinus symptoms that I experienced for 15 years were no longer a problem. My overall health has improved! - Deb B.

Dr. Tang is very meticulous in his work and immensely committed to dentistry. He will strive to make your dental experience comfortable and dental work satisfactory to you when it is finished. He will always be upfront with you on the best way to handle the dental problem and will listen to your concerns. The term "less than perfect" does not describe his work; he will always take the time to see that your dental care is perfect and right for you. - Lynelle G.

Dr. Tang is a very warm, caring and friendly dentist. He has always treated me with patience, respect, and a very caring heart. Dr. Tang's standard of care in family dental procedures is phenomenal. He has always kept me involved in decisions concerning my whole family's oral care. When I was unclear of the steps involved in a proposed dental procedure, he took the time to clearly explain each step and answer all of my questions with great patience. He has such a great personality that I think anyone can relate to easily. Dr. Tang is an exceptional, thorough, and knowledgeable dentist. - Cheryl G.

I have a problem with TMJ. This has been an ongoing problem for many years. Dr. Tang found a new treatment for this. He carefully reviewed the procedure with me. I had a lot of reservations but then decided to try it. I felt a lot of improvement and was even able to eat apples and raw carrots. This was something I could not do prior to treatment. If you want a dentist who is concerned about you and your care, will go out of his way to treat any problem you have, is gentle, kind, professional, and compassionate, then Dr. Tang is your dentist. - Brenda H.

I am truly grateful for the wonderful work you have performed on my teeth. I have always had a great attitude and love to laugh and smile, but my smile didn't look too good because of my teeth. All the photos I saw of myself, I just cringed, how embarrassing. After talking with you about my self-image and what you could do for my teeth and give me that look I wanted back, I gratefully accepted. After many consults, bleaching and fittings, WOW! I am impressed. I love that you were able to boost back my self-esteem and give me such a great smile. - Diane I.

The kindness and gentle manner of the work done was always greatly appreciated. Dr. Tang would always ask how your day was going, and he was truly interested, it wasn't just a way to start the visit. He knows your case, and does the best thing for today and the future. The best family dentist we could ever ask for! - Sandy M.

The dental work Dr. Tang did was excellent and I couldn't be more pleased. He is a kind, gentle and skilled practitioner. Thanks to the work he has done for me, I no longer avoid smiling when someone tries to take my picture. Also, I'm no longer annoyed by a TMJ click since he fitted me with a partial. - Barbara O.

I have never had a dentist call me at home to make sure I was doing okay after a procedure until Dr. Tang. He is somewhat of a perfectionist. I have had root canals and crown work done. He wants to make sure he gets it right and his patients get the best results. He is a good dentist and a good, caring person. - Linda P.

It takes a true professional to work with patients like Gerry and myself who need that special encouragement to make and keep our appointments to ensure our dental health. Our dental history with Dr. Tang includes: exams, extractions, crowns, fillings, and bridges. His care and concern for our comfort while in the chair or after we return home is excellent. Dr. Tang was recommended to us by a friend and we highly recommend him! His clinical skills and advice are the best. You know he cares the first visit. He becomes your friend as a result of his professional skills and personality. Dr. Tang is the best!! - Jane & Gerry R.

I have found Dr. Tang to be professional, skillful and caring in every way. I have experienced at his hand many various dental procedures including extractions, fillings, crowns, peg placement and general dental care. I have been completely satisfied with each procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Tang with no reservations. - Vivian S. (Retired RN)